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to be the victim of a trivial humorous deception, to ride the ruse cruise
used by trolls mocking the internet culture of shitpiles like reddit to ascend to a way3meta5me level of troll
le 9gag user: do you like the narutos?
le reddit user: jajaja
le 9gag user: what is your favorite naruto?

le reddit user: anime is for jerks

le 9gag user: wtf????
le reddit user: wow I le epicly rused you XDXDXDXDdXDDXDDXxd
le 9gag user: omgf ive just been rused!! xfddd
by cantbreakthosecuffs May 19, 2014
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Switched teams at the last minute; Bailed out.
"You completely rused out on us back there, man!"

one: What got to him? He was okay a minute ago...
two: I don't know, he was mumbling something about a creationist meeting and just rused out on us!
by boxsbee August 17, 2009
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