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When you wake up in bed with some nasty chick/guy and you make an emergency exit without waking him/her up.
"I woke up in the room with that ugly ass broad and I needed to give her the slip but she was wrapped all around me!"
by Nikki March 09, 2004
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"the condition wherein the sufferers arse cheeks and or thighs slide past eachother with a worrying lack of friction during ambulation. The condition fequently occurs in association with itchy arse syndrome and high levels of shame."
"I was walking all round town shopping and I had the slips which really upped the shame factor. So I had to nip into Mcdonalds for a shame wipe"
by Ziggy_uk November 29, 2007
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A Nine Inch Nails Album released in 2008 that was downloadable completely free from the Nine Inch Nails website.
The Slip is a really good album
by eazy-X May 08, 2008
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The Slip is a maneuver performed by a guy where he tucks in a small portion of his shirt into his pants, while leaving the rest hanging freely. It can be done multiple times and is most common in the front and back.
Brad Pitt does the slip when he wants to look chill. Only the front is tucked in but everything else hangs out.
by n00bpwner May 10, 2007
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