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Right knuckles. Used when you wish to be specific about which hand the knuckles in question are on, but are too lazy to say two words. See also luckles.
I think I injured my hand cracking all my ruckles.
by Chrenae January 04, 2006
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Creases or folds in, usually, fabric. Where the fabric is all crumpled up.
"Let me just straighten myself out; my shirt has got all ruckled up"
by Ceriano August 23, 2008
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Ruckles: The act of laughing, chuckling, giggling, etc, at a random point of time without any or almost any of the people around you knowing why.

Ruckling: Having the Ruckles.

Ruckles stands for Random Chuckles. This is the act of chuckling, giggling, or laughing at a random point in time. If you are brought to this excitement from a joke or other reason excluding inside jokes, you do NOT have the Ruckles.

Caution: The Ruckles HAVE been found to be CONTAGIOUS... If you find an individual experiencing the Ruckles evacuate the area within 10 feet 5 inch of the individual who has the ruckles, IMMEDIATELY!
Ruckles occurs when 4 people are in a room watching TV. Then out of no where someone begins to chuckle. Everyone else in the room looks at him(her) with puzzled expressions. Now, since none of these people leave the room immediately they also being to ruckle. This laughing ensues until someone feels extreme pain and complains.
by JelleyJelly March 23, 2011
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A mixture between tickle and rub. A soft relaxing caressing of the body in a non sexual manner.
Hey ruckle me to sleep. or Will you ruckle my arm?
by K*Lyn December 24, 2008
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