(scottish / dundonian ) To be ignored or not noticed intentionally or unintentionally
"oh my god you have just been rubbered!" "rubbered mate!"
by frbs August 8, 2009
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It must be a less used word.

Means ignored. Blanked. etc
Saw John in town today. He totally rubbered me!
by Johnny October 6, 2004
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To be so drunk that you go bendy at the knees and sway around the place, as though you were made out of rubber.
Man I was totally rubbered last night! The harder I tried to keep my feet on the ground, the more I was wobbling all over the place.
by Growkie February 25, 2006
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out yer trolly or totaly pissed
oh my god i was rubbered last night
by kerrie April 7, 2005
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To be intoxicated on an opiate based medication, referring to jelly legs and slured speech also used to describe some who has took to many "rubbers". Used as an alternative to giving the legitimate pill name to avoid social stigma. An example of medication you may be rubbered on are diazepam, tramadol and codeine.
Mate, he's rubbered out how many rubbers did he take he's like the michelan man.
by gimmeaword November 11, 2015
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after fucking a hoe, u take the condom off and slap her in the face with it. it does not have to be a hooker, but should be cautious to do this on your main bitch, she might not call u back.
yo, i rubbered that hoe last night. i straight took the rubber off and slaped her dead in the face with it. too funny when done correctly.
by $nowman'$exy April 5, 2010
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1. (Am. English) a condom

2. (Brit. English) an eraser
1. How did I run out of rubbers so fast?

2. Any of you blokes got a rubber? This number 3 pencil is too dark.
by theunknowngl October 17, 2004
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