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The kindest person you will meet. She genuinely cares and is first to offer hugs. Sometimes she can be shy and anxious for what appears to be no reason. She is very intelligent but has trouble getting her words out right while her mind zooms ahead. This just adds to her adorable factor. She is usually very insecure, though hides it well and secretly fears no one will ever fall in love with her, even though this is silly.
"who's that girl who sits at the the back of the class?"
"oh, that's Rozie"
by wobagabadance April 06, 2013
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Someone who can juggle with their feet and while singing the alphabet backwards. Also able to climb trees like a boss.
"Did you see that juggler? Such a Rozie"
by Bossofhoss April 06, 2013
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To give an adorable, arbitrary response that you think is clever but it's actually really silly and makes the other person want to give you a big hug.
Girl: You know what's funny?

Guy: What?

Girl: I AM.

Guy: I totally expected you to rozie on me.
by TechTuna August 18, 2011
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