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She is the best person you could ever ask to be your friend. She is so loving, caring, and inspiring. She is also the most gorgeous girl you will ever meet. Girls want to be her and guys want to date her
girl 1: omg she's so hot who is that
girl 2: thats jazzy lmao
girl 1: omg im so jealous
by Tris Almasna March 31, 2017
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the cutest little chick you will ever meet, dont get on her bad side you will regret it. but if you are her friend you are one of the lucky ones :) has many friends and is loved heapsly by them all.she is simply amazing
jazzy is cute

jazzy is amazing
by car!y!0u!53 January 16, 2012
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Someone who is so smooth and fly. Real and classy all at the same time
Damn... I love her style. When I met her, She acted like a bitch.. But now, She's Jazzy.
by SweetJ May 15, 2004
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someone who is beautiful smart sexy amazing off the charts hot someone u want to be wih forever cause u love them if u have one be happy she is yours forever.
that girl is so jazzy
by muffin man14 June 24, 2009
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A classy female. One who seems to be the eye of attention.
She's the jazziest girl in the club tonight.
by Creammy_3 July 30, 2003
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1 Dark chocolate squares covered in millions (tiny little sweets). They're called snowies if they're white milk chocolate.
2 Someone who is always looking extra spectacular.
3 Another name for Tinky Winky from the teletubbies.
Example for 1

Tony Blair: George, can you gimme some more jazzies pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez. Thnx.

Example for 2

Gwen Stefani: Hey Akon, wtf Christina MIlian is really fukin pissin me off. She thinks she's a jazzie!
Akon: wow she is!!!!!!

Example for 3:

Toddler 1: Yay! Yay! Teletubbies is on!!!! Wo ha!
Toddler 2: My favourites La la! Wat about yours?
Toddler 1: Jazzie! Jazzie! JAzzie! Jazzie!
by Evrythingztaken March 30, 2007
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A non-derogatory name for a group of girls, unlike bitches and hoes.
David: Hey bro, you wanna go to a party tonite?
Nathan: Are there gunna be any jazzies?
David: hell yea. a crapload of them.
Nathan: Right on then.
by remairwaldo December 10, 2008
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