A school bully whom will one day take his anger out on his future spouse and offspring.
That punk is such a bully that he is cosidered to be a Future wife Beater. Wait until his anger turns on his spouse,he'll use her 'and his kids as a punching bag,instead of his classmates.
by RTBSTRD November 5, 2013
BOB: Are you and Sheila getting married?

JOHN: Hell yeah, she's my future ex-wife Bro!
by Mike Comanche March 4, 2009
hyunjin's future wife is someone who used to be Wi Ha Joon's wife. She has a short brown hair and she is kinda mandarin chinese.
Oh hyunjin's future wife is Wi Ha Joon's ex wife
by Wi Ha Joon's new wife November 21, 2021