The state of being impared by marijuana. If someone is "rote", he or she is high, baked, blitzed, ect.
"Let's go get rote."
"I'm so rote."
by Erik Landry March 9, 2008
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my god i have such a hangover , i was soo rote im never drinkin again
by kris-ie-dell July 14, 2009
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i got propa rote last nyte
by g n m April 29, 2006
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1)Memory by repitation
2)Sounds of surf breaking on the shore
A wrote is like a Mnemonic, but different

I heard a rote
by Immortal-Jake October 10, 2006
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A way of saying "Roasted" but funny. Usually used while be sarcastic
by Joenuts567 May 13, 2021
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Roting is a stoner slang form of the word Rotating aptly named for the "spinning" sensation inebriation can cause. Also known as Rotin' or just Rotating. Places of origin: British Columbia, Canada. A dance move, called the rotate (where one makes vertical rotation movements with both hands while rotating in a circle) has stemmed from this term. "Do the rotate, do the rotate!"
"Man, I was so rotin' last night."
by Reid October 15, 2004
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(Noun) A general, derogatory term to be used in an aggressive manner.
Nick: I dislike spiders

Jake: You're just a stupid-ass mother fucking rote!
by Loudenslaaager October 12, 2016
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