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An awful book:

1. that is supposed to oppose racism but fails.

2. is about yams. And angry black men. But mostly yams.

3. that makes African tribal men sound like mormons.
"Things fall apart, indeed. My soul fell apart when I was forced to read this book."

"Yeah, man, I feel you. Did you know their inability to grow yams is symbolic of the lack of plot lines to fuel the story?"
by NatiBee January 1, 2010
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Things Fall Apart is one of the worst books you will ever read. I strongly recommend you not to read this book. Not only is it super boring but there is no plot and you are just reading about how the main character Okonkwo is obsessed with men and is likely gay. The whole book is literally about how Okonkwo is gay and how he likes yams.
Dave: Did you read the book Things Fall Apart?
David: yeah, it is terrible
by AmazAlien December 3, 2021
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