something that is good, or key.
You see that new chain. That shit is munny
by Chickenfucker December 24, 2002
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Sumthing you use 2 buy things with.
i got a fat wad of munny, lets go get sum weed
by Semen May 1, 2004
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someone who is so mean that he is funny.
hahahahah, Theresa is so munny!
by shawn the brawn September 27, 2005
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The feeling of being actively bored, wanting to have something to do but not knowing what to do, anxious.
"Danzig is a cool band."
by Clint October 2, 2003
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The most amazing girl you'll ever meet. You'll never meet anyone like her. Talented with music, she's funny, smart, kind and cute. You can talk for hours and never get bored, she brings a smile to your face everytime you see her. You'll do anything for her because she's just so amazing.

She loves cats and is good with animals. She lives in the middle of no were so she's quite unsocial and ends up playing with herself.

She's just simply awesome.
Do you know Munni?
Yeah she's awesome.
by cwtm December 10, 2010
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Munni is a sweet lil ol' girlie who does her best to be nice to everyone and runs around grinning all the time.
Look at that munni, she is so munni...munni!

Munni, munni, a wic mans world!
by Cunty McCuntlips January 15, 2005
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the currency used in kingdom hearts.They are shaped like tiny little cubes that are shiny yellow.
dang!That obsidian ring is too expensive!!!!It costs 850 munny!
by eclipse212121 May 9, 2017
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