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A band that punk ass metal fans don't like because one of their albums entered the Billboard top 40. They didn't copy Metallica. Metallica might've influenced their some of their work.
Fake Metal Fan:Fuck trivium!!! Sellouts! All they care about is money! That's why they're so popular!

Smart Person: Can't blame them for writing music that people actually want to listen to.
by Black_Spade July 16, 2008

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Uhm... They're not much. Just the greatest god damned hip-hop group of the 90s. I'm listening to "Things Fall Apart" right now, and I'm seriously in awe at how much better this is than any other rap album that's ever been released in the history of music.
Person A: Yo sunnn! I jus kawpped fiddy's nu owl bum 2day. Wut ju git wit yo munny sun?

Person B: Something that's actually worth listening to. I bought an album by "The Roots".

Person A: Aint nobody wunna heer dat shyt sun. put dat shyt away.

Person B: Listen to this.

Person A: Damn, I can't believe I waisted 4 years of my life lsitening to that 50 Cent trash when I could've been indulging my brain in intelligent hip-hop like this. I'm even using proper grammar now.
by Black_Spade July 16, 2008

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The only talented musician to ever be signed by Disney channel. She's a great singer, guitarist and pianist. Unlike the bitch called Miley Cyrus, she actually sings, whereas Miley just drags her words out. Her first single is called "Get Back". As soon as she stops teaming up with the Jonas Brothers, she'll reach her full potential.

Btw, vballhappa is a 12 year old Jonas Brothers whore.
Jonas brother whore: I hate demi lovato! she made out with joe!

Person with a brain: It's called acting you stupid bitch. Besides, they don't even kiss in the movie. Stupid 11 year old Jonas brothers whore.
by Black_Spade October 19, 2008

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Alyson Stoner is an American child actress, dancer and voice actor. She started out as the co-host of "Mike's Super Short Show". Her dancing abilities landed her a roles in Missy Elliot and Eminem videos as a backup dancer. She's also starred in the "Step Up" films as Channing Tatum's younger sister. She played Max on "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody". Alyson auditioned for the the role of Hannah Montana but lost to the less talented Miley Cyrus. She now plays Isabella on Disney Channel's Phineas and Ferb, a cartoon which will hopefully be taken off the air soon. She will have a moderate role in the upcoming Disney movie "Camp Rock".
Person A: Alyson Stoner is such a good dancer. She defintely should've gotten the role of Hannah Montana.

Person B: I agree. If Miley wasn't the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, Alyson Stoner would've gotten the role for sure.
by Black_Spade June 17, 2008

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A term popularized by bitchrap artist Soulja Boy. Ice-t, one of the greatest gangster rappers of all time, dissed Soulja Boy in a mixtape. In response to this, Soulja Boy posted a video on Youtube in which he repeatedly refered to Ice-T as an "old ass nigga". Everytime he said this, his two slaves in the background would let out a fake laugh. Soulja Boy is now one of the moist disrespected artists in all of modern music.
Soulja Boy: You'z an old ass nigga Ice-T, an old ass nigga. Man, how you gon tell a 17 year old to eat a dick? Old ass nigga!!!

Soulja Boy's Slaves: HAHA. nice one Soulja Boy!

What Soulja Boy's Slaves are thinking in their heads: That shit got old the first 50 times he said it.
by Black_Spade July 01, 2008

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A classic song by female rock artist Cyndi Lauper. Unfortunately, it did overshadow the rest of her career. Cyndi Lauper wrote a ton of better songs.

Oh, and fuck the Miley Cyrus cover.
'Girls just want to have fun' is now a common saying among young women.
by Black_Spade October 19, 2008

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One of Youtube's most intelligent top-subscribed users. He started out as a comedian, but claims he stopped because he isn't funny, which is a complete falsity. Now he makes Youtube videos relating to politics, current events, and occasionally celebrities. He also has a few sites outside of Youtube.
sxephil, he's not sexy Phil, he's sxephil.

by Black_Spade July 10, 2008

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