A trademarked system of deep tissue bodywork and movement education , more properly termed "structural integration", that is an outcome based process that sequentially works through the body to optimally align it in gravity and balance the dynamic relationship between the torso and the head, girdles and limbs. The process usually consists of a 10 part protocol. Named after its originator, US biochemist Dr Ida P. Rolf (1896-1979).
A Rolf Institute trained structural integrator practices "Rolfing". If one is recieving the work , one is having "Rolfing" or being "Rolfed"
by A.C.R May 16, 2008
Growing Rolf Harris like hair, beard and sideburns. Playing strange instruments and partaking in Felching.
I was rolfing around at the weekend.
by PO July 7, 2003
Massage involving deep, painful vagina stretching with hands and fists using the system of intense internal and external massage developed by Ida Rolf called "structural integration," based on a pseudoscientific (i.e., bullshit) new age healing philosophy.
My pussy still hurts and all my insides are still recovering after my rolfing session yesterday.
by SalRos May 2, 2020
A word that can replace almost any adjective, and some nouns, oh and some verbs. It really does have a place in every sentence ever spoken.
You've got to Rolfe it up!
Rolfe off!
I was Rolfe-ing all the way home!
You are such a Rolfe!
You just Rolfed that good and proper!
Oh for Rolfe's sake!
by Dildo Shaggins January 10, 2009
THe floor is laughing while we are rolling on it
by ELyse November 6, 2004
that weird fucker from ed edd & eddy
edd: hello rolf
rolf: hello edd boy
by poopfaceeeeeeeee August 26, 2014
A term to describe the desire for sexual relations with a female who is particularly attractive.
It is believed that the term was first used in the 1960's when a Rolfesaurus observed a particularly well stacked female.
She'd get Rolfed.
Look at the Chesticles on that, she'd get a good Rolfing.
by laughingboy65 November 12, 2010