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the most beautiful girl in the entire world. I once knew an Ida when I was younger, but I lost her. It is so rare to find one, so when you do, never let her go. Ida's are witty and can always make you laugh more than anyone else. She isn't just beautiful but drop dead gorgeous. Idas dont take themselves too seriously and are so fun, no matter what you're doing. She cares about you more than you ever thought someone possibly could. Her smile is so perfect and makes you light up just seeing it. She is carefree and takes risks. It is likely that Ida's are dancers or performers are they are theatrical and are incredible to watch. Ida's can be judgemental but in a good way and are always right. They are the perfect mix of graceful and clumsy that can't be explained unless you know an Ida. They most likely have a few close friends who love them more than words can explain that they trust with the world.They pick up on signals quickly and can read you like a book. You can laugh with them and talk to them as they understand you more than anyone else does. They are so rare and are perfect in every way. If you are lucky enough to know an Ida, chances are that you only know one. If you find yourself falling for an Ida, tell her. always tell her. She probably likes you too.
I think I'm falling for Ida. I mean, she's just perfect.
by shane's green shirt May 28, 2018
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A girl who is really pretty,helpful and has a good character. She isn't rude but doesn't take bull shit from anyone.
I just threw a soda at that girl .. im so scared cause shes an Ida.
by dogger21 July 16, 2017
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Often associated with the word 'cool.' A person who is so uber mega hardcore amazing that you have to step back and just go "Whoa!"

Oh my heck, its IDA!! She's so amazing!! Whoa!


Those shoes are so IDA!! I'll have to get me a pair.
by someonenamedsouza November 27, 2006
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yeah, she might be short but she's not a bitch for sure!One of the most wonderful people I know. ida means the same as 'fabulous'
damn she's so cool! just like ida
by hahahahahahahahhaha September 12, 2006
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ida is a beautiful person who’s personality is the most wonderful thing ever. she gorgeous and her laugh is the cutest thing in the world. she’s not rude but she won’t take bullshit from anyone either. she’s kind-hearted, caring, beautiful, loving and so amazing it’ll make you cry. thanks nice you get to know her you’ll never want to let go of her.
boy 1: oml she’s gorgeous
boy 2: well duh! she’s ida
by emily:)) May 18, 2018
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Short for "I would have".
I'da kissed ya homie if you did it fo me.
by Fangsta March 17, 2003
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ida can be defined as strange or unwanted. However this can be seen as sexy to most guys and cause them to chase the ida
Dom: hey look at that stupid ida, ohh waaiit thats kinda sexy

Rest of gang: lets get her!!

-gang chases ida-
by gallymallyhally May 25, 2009
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