some who makes out with somebody while they are drunk or high
You stupid integrator i cant believe you were high when you hooked up with that bitch
by bonquisha April 16, 2004
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Doing the right thing even when nobody's looking.
Jimmy showed his integrity by not looking at the answers to the test when every other cheating bastard in his class was passing them out.
by FF April 20, 2005
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Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.
Having integrity is not lying - in otherwords, doing what you said you would do. OPPOSITE OF INTEGRITY: Telling her you are going to call, and then NOT calling. That's the definition of a Scumbag!
by Michelle Jane November 13, 2006
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integrous - having integrity. Possessing characteristics of honor, valor, loyalty, dedication, and respect.
"She ain't no integrous bitch. I done seen her flapping her jacks and poot-nanny at them men from the chamber pot depot. An I heard she married that dumb boy who ain't done no good for no one ever. She just use him as a pole to jig jig on when she be itchy.
by Vorlon007 August 20, 2016
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Don't listen to the guy above talking about integration. Integration is NOT the reversal of differentiation. That would be the anti-derivative. Integrals and anti-derivatives are NOT the same thing. But they are connected by the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.
If a function f(x) has an anti-derivative F(x), the area under the curve from a to b is equal to F(b)-F(a).

This is integration defined.
by MIT 2010 January 14, 2007
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Note:This definition of integral is alternate to the mathematical type of integral.

Something that, by attempting to do its intended task, inadvertently does the opposite.
Despite popular belief, this does not include things that are broken, such as something that doesn't work or is used improperly.
A: I thought of an Integral! There were so many garbage cans on the beach it actually made the beach look less clean.
B: Nice one!

A: I thought of an Integral! I wanted to have fun so I started drinking, but then I drank too much and I threw up and no longer had fun.
B: That's not an integral! You're just stupid.
by Integralty May 16, 2009
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Integrity is admitting to a wrong when you think you can still get away with it.
If you break a cheap glass and the owner did not see you do it, "integrity" will make you fess up.
by The Foundation September 23, 2010
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