The noise you make when you slip on ice in a parking lot, but don't quite fall.
I can't wait to get the new...Rolf!
by Evan O'Day December 29, 2008
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An annoying show off who thinks he is cool.Most Rolfs like to climb thing to impress people.Are usually cute,blonde and short and from Finland. They will ruin their lives by trying to be cool.
Look at that guy climbing a tree,he is being such a Rolf.
I know he is such a dork.
by bearcupcake November 04, 2011
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(ar`o`el`ef) v. abbr. Roll Over Laughing, Floorless, 1. to find something so funny that one loses all sense of time and space and drops into the abyss, 2. inability to properly key internet acronyms (short forms) because one finds something so funny.
"ROLF. wuz dat ever funny ... er ... i mean ROFL. ogm. cant believe i said that ... er ... i mean omg. oll. cant spel laffin so hard ... er ... i mean lol"
by Lane May 01, 2004
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person 1 - Rolf's so annoying!
person 2 - ikr he's just a Cameron wanna be w no eyebrows, no talent, elf ears, and he's only famous for making lip sync videos!
by Rolf sartorius July 01, 2016
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