to put something into a drawer/box and forget about it for a long term.

to have unfair idea of what type sb or sth is.
That reports were only partly implemented or worse still, just pigeonholed.

He's a musician who can't be conveniently pigeonholed.
by doxxent May 30, 2005
Laking in flexibly or range.
He pigeonholed himself saying yes to his new job position instead of being independent.
by Mike Angelo December 17, 2016
i left a deposit in her pigeonhole last night. Now its as big as a duckhole!
by nicky winma November 20, 2006
Pigeon hole is when a boy and another boy and are alone decide to stick each others fingers up their bum
I just pigeonhole jimmy!
by Bum bum pigeon me hole February 3, 2017
The act of poking a female's butthole with your nose while eating her out from behind.
"Tom is great at oral, but it was kinda weird when he was pigeonholing me."
by jdubs312 November 12, 2014
To perform cunnilingus by bobbing your head and thrusting your tongue deep into the vagina, making you look like a walking pigeon.
"Her pussy was so juicy wet that I pigeonholed her for 5 minutes straight!"
by Theou Aegis June 20, 2018
When a man in a fivesome with one girl goes and shares one of her holes with another man. Double Oral, double anal or double vaginal sex.

Based on the mathmatics principle
Last night me, larry, jim, and bob were fucking lucy. Fucking bob instead of waiting his turn pigeonholed with larry and got his ass beat.
by Shon Wan September 19, 2010