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Admitting comprehension of a statement. Derived from Star Wars, as the droids say "Rodger Rodger" after receiving an order to show they understood the order.
Dan: You're a fat piece of shit Kevin.

Kevin: Rodgered
by CongratsUplayedYourself April 30, 2016
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To foobar a large scale software project.
Hey, this project is rodgered! Did Rodger work on this project? Because man, it is fucking rodgered!!.

I haven't seen such incompetence since Rodger stuck his finger in the last project's ass.
by Alien Feed November 13, 2012
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The inexplicable use of "Reply to All" in email when the response is of interest to only the sender of the initial email.
by GigantorLog November 14, 2007
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