Someone who wont let anything get them down. They may end up drinking a lot but they look at life as an adventure and dont let anyone or anything get them down. They rock the hardest because they've been recently hurt but never give up, never look down. You don't have to do drugs to rockstar but drinking is heavily encourged.

also, sometimes... They sleep with their jeans on.
"You're boyfriend broke up with you after two and a half years of you taking care of his unemployed butt? Rockstar it!"
by TheRockstarette October 27, 2011
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Being true to ones self and their very nature; Living without limitations or restrictions to ones obsesions. Freedom.

Someone who is Living the Life You Want to Live and doing things you can Only Dream About. The Person you want to be, or dream about being.

A Rich guy who's "Too Cool To Hate"...
Charlie Sheen, Steven Tyler, Nicoli Tesla, Bob Dylan, and Bill Gates are Rock Stars.
by Linus T August 28, 2011
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Rockstar is without a doubt the best makers of videogames out there. Of course, they're the makers of the beloved Grand Theft Auto series, but they make other great ones as well... I think their best work is seen in Red Dead Revolver. Rockstar aint never gonna care about what fuckers like Hilary Clinton say.
Lets pray to the game gods that Rockstar Games is never bought out by EA!

by Rockstar is the best July 15, 2006
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A rock star is someone who can play the guitar(any type)/Bass/ Drums and so on.

Example: Craig Nicholls From The Vines is a rock star.

All Hip hop, R'n'b etc artists are NOT rock stars of any form. Just Ugly little boys/girls trying to be cool.

Example: Snoop Dog is NOT a Rock star.
by Missy Mary Jane August 31, 2003
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that guy who's been kicked out of every band in town. he's talented no doubt, but he's never sober and doesn't really know what stability is. lots of booze, bitches, and hard drugs, baby. he's never really grown out of that stage that all boys go through around the age of 15 when they think they'll be famous someday cause they can shred. he lives like a rock star because he thinks he'll be one some day, but man he never will be. oh yeah, his rent is four months late but you can't seem to kick him out because he's got no job and you can't picture his pretty face on the streets. sometimes people just can't outgrow a big dream.
"i'm going to be a rock star someday. that's why i live like this."
by rock n roll cowboy October 18, 2008
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Referring to a crackhead ie. someone who likes to smoke rocks
He used to be such a good kid, now he's just a cracked out rock star
by beautiful scorpio July 31, 2005
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