Drinking an entire bottle of Robitussin and being under it's influence. It will cause hallucenations, hyper-activity, relaxed sensations and general crazyness.
Brett drank a whole bottle of 'Tussin and now he's robo-tripping!!!
by Ed March 4, 2004
Robo Tripping is a verb describing when primaraly teens consume far more than the recomended dose of Robotussin Cough Gels for a trip. The active ingredient in Robotussin Cough Gels is Dextromethorphan DXM.
Teen 1: Hey man Im gunna go Robo Tripping tonight
Teen 2: Haha Who hooked you up with that shit?
Teen 1: My dealer and close friend WallMart
by Achillies June 15, 2006
Term used to describe "tripping" on robotussin cough medicine hence the term ROBO-tripping.

dextromethorphan is the active drug in robotussin and other cough and cold medicines that is sought after for its unique 'buzz'.
I took 300mg's of dxm last nite and robo triped for hours.

i was on a hell of a robo trip last nite.

That robo trip was the most intense ever.
by Eckstahsee December 18, 2003
After ingesting large amounts of dextromethorphan, found in over-the-counter cough medication (Robotussin, Vicks 44), a person will begin to robo-trip.

Robo-tripping often involves itchiness, a tell-tale walk, fruitless masturbation marathons, and speech that makes no sense.

Tony: "What the fuck is wrong with him? He keeps rubbing his fucking face, dude, sketchy as hell."

Ahmed: "Nah, it's cool, he does that all the time. He's on a mad robo-trip."

by sanfud n sun May 1, 2006
The term used when one experiences a high/hallucinations/euphoria/ by means of deliberately intoxicating themselves with products containing the drug, DXM.
I robo-tripped for the whole weekend and, though I do feel like crap now, I must say it was a good time.
by tatty28 May 4, 2003
(n.) Euphoric and sometimes hallucinogenic feeling induced by the ingestion of excessive amounts of the drug DXM in the form of Robitussin Maximum Strength Cough syrup
This robo-trip is ridiculous; let's down another bottle and get even more fucked up.
by Kirby July 31, 2003
The tensing of muscles after ingesting large ammounts of dextromorphan hydrobromide (DXM)
I.E. Coricidin Cough and Cold, Tussin, Delsim

The "trip" is euphoric and DXM is scheduled as a dissassociative in large doses

stimulates neurotransmitters
This drug induces vivid colors, slurred congressions, one dimensional thoughts spans, spiritual revival, comprehension disposition (feeling of understanding and release)

An ignorant person should not be exposed to this, it will destroy what little remains of their pathetic thought patterns

Can be quite enjoyable, but don't binge--it will hinder experience and future effects

Causes ammmmmaaaazing trip, separated into four divisions

Bad side effects are present (temporary paralyzation, overheating, restlessness)

more present in future ingestions
Person 1:"Dude, I'm frozen, and it feels like I'm on a carousel...
Oh look, the walls are swirling"

*Tries to walk*
*muscles and joints won't bend, arms curved in a stagnant, awkward position*

Person 2: "Sit down, this is your first trip--you are incapable...that's why they call it a robo-trip"
by Ender Crowing October 9, 2006