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a horse turd in the road. more of a rural phenomenon.
nice road apple you stepped in there, tough guy.
by Dickie Moist October 07, 2003
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a lump of horse excrement
Watch out for the road apples on the street.
by Light Joker December 04, 2004
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One of the essential ingredients for a friendly game of barnyard golf.
After collecting a few road apples, we had a game of barnyard golf.
by Bumkicker Slade May 10, 2005
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A polite way of saying "Horse Shit"
During a conversation where one person continually talks about themselves, or gives out some questionable info.

"He/she sure dumped a load of road apples on us today."
by Le Enguis en Herbe March 14, 2010
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Noun; a fragrant fruit that grows on pavement. Seeds come from a horse's rear end. The fruit is piled in moist sticky clumps brown-green in color, shades may vary depending on freshness. When very ripe the color is a deep chocolate brown, but the flavor is very distinct from chocolate, gives off a rich aroma of digested hay and oats, texture is soft and moist. also seen as a byproduct of buggy traffic. Useful in making roadapple pies, an Amish delicacy. Can be harvested in Shipshewana.
"I can't wait to visit Shipshewana to smell the scent of fresh roadapples and eat some roadapple pie!"
by I'm Drinking Rum While November 23, 2015
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A computer device with an embedded Trojan Horse left in a conspicuous location.
Sheila thought she found a missing disk labeled "payroll data" on the bathroom floor of her company. When she put it in her computer, it launched a Trojan and compromised her computer. She just bit a Road Apple.
by Lexlex69 July 20, 2008
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