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What Bob Menery says when he thinks someone did some cocaine.
Tiger Woods must have been with Dustin Johnson in stall four doing some RIPPER MAGOOS before this putt.
by RIPPER MAGOO May 14, 2018
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When a kid named Jonny Daz hits a dinger off the tee after doing cocaine in the bathroom with Dustin Johnson
What a shot by jonny, pete I think he did a couple of ripper magoos in the bathroom prior to that shot.
by peterrippymagoo June 18, 2019
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When a guy named wade absolutely smashes his tee off shot and nuts in his pants on hole 1. Wade must of did a ripper magoo in stall 4 and banged 25 hookers prior to his tee off.
Wow that guy just donged that homerun! He must of just did a ripper magoo in the dugout with coach hollensbe before taking his at bat!
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