Someone who is thought of as a superior. Someone with more experience and can guide you.

That upperclassman is my Wade who helped me through orientation.
by Clingy Liu February 23, 2009
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A wade has a huge dick. And knows how to work it. He is kind, funny, and loving. And is a master at sex but doesn't realize it!
Sue: What did you do last night?
Lisa: My boyfriend, Wade ;)
by babypie89 April 12, 2011
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a white male who almost inexcusably can pass off as a black man. usually his families traits consist of big dicks and tall women.
man....you are the blackest white kid i know....you know what youre a wade if ive ever seen one.
by topbiscuit December 13, 2010
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A Wade can be many different things.
Above All, a Wade is a fuckstick.

Ex. "Wow, he was a useless fuckstick, wasn't he"
"Yeah, what a Wade"

A Wade is also someone who eats a variety & a lot of food in one sitting. Typically in a weird combination. They can include a tub of cheeseballs & hotwings, raw steak & lava cake, or 20some hotdogs with jalapeños.

Ex. "Don't pull a Wade while we're in Golden Corral today"

2. (Male) A small-town guy that gets a girl pregnant the first time he leaves his home-state, despite being a homosexual

Ex. "Now look, I know you're a sausage kinda guy, just don't pull a Wade at Disneyworld"

3. A cockologist, someone with extensive knowledge in cocks (phalluses)

Ex. "You smell like a sweaty cock"
A Wade: "Well, technically, cocks don't have sweat glands so..."
"How about I hit you in the face with one & then you can tell me if it's sweaty, Wade?"

4. A deviated prevert, tries to make everything sexual innuendo. This behavior will end, after (1) an intervention and (2) him (the Wade) getting laid, by a chick

Ex. *working on an engine*
"Can you grab that nut for me?"
"Left or right?"

5. A small guy, manlet, especially small for you

Ex. "You're a big guy!"
"For Wade"
Person 1: Hey man, can you give us a hand over here?
Person 2: Forget it, he's a Wade
by CIA Guy April 22, 2018
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Getting close to a girl with the intention of getting into her underwear.
Person 1: I have become really good friends with Ellie Ward recently.

Person 2: WADE!
by Brickyy March 30, 2011
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