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To punch someone, preferably with extreme force.
Imma tee off on yo grill nigga!
by Drew the Digger May 01, 2003
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The inessential act of removing one's shirt before a fist fight. Usually followed by an exchange of the words square and up.
I watched Jason and Matt tee off, squared up, and get arrested before anyone threw a punch.
by Johnny Fitswell January 10, 2018
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Masturbating after viewing pictures from one of the many online hip and/or ironic tee shirt sellers (probably to your left right now).
Dude, the second I saw the "RAWR means I love you in dionosaur" banner ad I knew I had to tee off.

I wanted to go to but didn't have time to tee off.

There are some sites I just can't visit while surfing at the library lest the desire to tee off arise.
by Gendznshmalts July 25, 2009
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Tee off is a good sayin to use when sombody is annoying you! I use it all the time its like a move along sayin!
Tee off! ive had enough of you an ur hat!
by Ferrett August 22, 2005
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