The inessential act of removing one's shirt before a fist fight. Usually followed by an exchange of the words square and up.
I watched Jason and Matt tee off, squared up, and get arrested before anyone threw a punch.
by Johnny Fitswell January 10, 2018
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Masturbating after viewing pictures from one of the many online hip and/or ironic tee shirt sellers (probably to your left right now).
Dude, the second I saw the "RAWR means I love you in dionosaur" banner ad I knew I had to tee off.

I wanted to go to but didn't have time to tee off.

There are some sites I just can't visit while surfing at the library lest the desire to tee off arise.
by Gendznshmalts July 25, 2009
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To rub the tip of the dick. masterbate!) MAY get you an orgasm faster that jerking off.
Ahhhh. yess, man does it feel good to Tee Off to porn
by wdfwfwfff October 21, 2007
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A sexual move which became wildly popular during the 90's when a man gets a woman's nipples hard by either; rubbing ice cubes on her tits, doin' her in a walk-in freezer, doin' her outside in the cold weather, or any other cold involved situation to get them nips erect. Then the man places one or both of his balls on the erect nipple, the "tee" and uses his dick, the "club" to drive the ball(s) off the tee.
Bro it's so cold outside, I think if I crack open my window enough cold air will leak through that i'll be teeing off on this big-faced hunnie in no time!

Holy shit man we were so wasted last night she actually let me tee off!
by Forestwhittakerforprez69 December 13, 2009
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Tee off is a good sayin to use when sombody is annoying you! I use it all the time its like a move along sayin!
Tee off! ive had enough of you an ur hat!
by Ferrett August 22, 2005
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