1.) When an object's true value is perceived as much less than the seller's asking value.
2.) Someone who participates in the act.
3.) Cleverly-concealed plagiarism, with just enough changes to get past others' legal rights.
1.) Have you seen the prices of a Mac Pro? What a rip off. I could buy two equally-powerful PCs for that much.

2.) The Great Giana Sisters is just a rip off of Super Mario Bros.
by infinitysend November 10, 2011
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A rip off is a lesser, inferior imitation of something
My sister is a rip off of me.
by bjdythhjgfdgtrssrgsjggffdjhgtd February 23, 2019
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When one is at the worse end of the deal. See rip off
The three hundred dollar watch he sold me didn't work, and it wasn't even real gold! I so got ripped off!

The meal we bought at the restaurant was plastic. We got ripped off.
by Dudette June 4, 2005
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Term used to describe how voters felt after the 2000 and 2004 elections. We're still stuck with the Bush Regime and America is still screwed.
Bush and his family ripped us off in the 2000 election in Florida.
by LordRemus November 3, 2004
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Either something really expensive or a cheap circumcision.
Yid 1: So, you had a free circumcision I hear?
Yid 2: Yep, the entire fucking family, 23 rip-offs
by the_ultimate_lad September 7, 2016
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This is when you are expecting a lare sum of money from your parents for working all summer, and you dont get any of it because your parents dont love you.
Jon H: hey it is time for my money.
Lisa H: I think not.
Bob H: You got owned Jon
Jon H: Man i got ripped off.
by roettger May 23, 2006
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rip-off A friend who backs out of a proposed plan to spend the day/night out with his mates,generally at the last minute, in order to spend the day being verbally abused by his girlfriend
rip-off"Sorry guys, I know i was due to pick you up in 5 minutes, but im going to have to cancel as the GF wants me to ....*insert something boring here*
by Theanalbutcher April 8, 2009
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