Another Minnesota original - used by fishermen to describe the action of setting the hook too hard, resulting in literally ripping the lips off a fish.
My cousin and I were ripping lips today. We didn't catch a damn thing!
by Bomni February 8, 2005
When a Woman Queefs, farting from her vagina so loudly it could be mistaken for farting from the butt.
by xTheCriticx November 17, 2016
when your recieving fellatio and you force your dick into the side of the persons mouth as hard as you can
i just gave your sister a rip-a-lip and she liked it.
by wolf January 12, 2005
This is a term used in the world of fly fishing mainly used for when you want to go out and fish with a couple of friends and drink. It can also be defined to show the excitement when you catch a fish.
Greg: Ya bud! lets go out and rip some lips?
Logan: You bet bud! lets go out and rip some lips all day.
by flygod69 June 7, 2018
Guy: She’s not even gonna blow you, bro!
Guy 2: I don’t even care, I’m just tryin to get some lip rips!
by Mr.Cartman February 12, 2021
another term for a queef (fart out of the vagina)
"damn, I was hitting it from behind last night and when we stopped she ripped lip when she stood up"
"stop babe I need to rip lip before we keep doing doggy"
by krinklesismycat May 27, 2021
When a person with braces goes down on another woman, a third person kicks the woman with braces in the back of the head thus shredding the womans genitals and causing bleeding. Then the kicker uses the blood to lubrcate the asshole of the bleeding woman for anal sex.
Tina: Why is Jamie walking so wierd?

Jack: Me and Jennifer gave her the double lip rip last night.
by Ifuckdeadcats June 30, 2019