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a spinning roundhouse kick to the head
if you keep fucking around i'm gonna give you a chuck norris
by wolf January 11, 2005

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one who likes to yell as if they are tough but when someone gets serious back at them they become a pussy.
were you at the party when chris made that bitch ass kid shut up.
by wolf January 11, 2005

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salad fingers is possibly an ordinary looking man, in an ordinary world, with an unordianry life. He is very mentally ill, depressed and unmedicated, or at least refuses to take it. What we see in salad fingers episodes is how salad fingers sees the world. Being depressed and mentally ill he sees himself as the way we see him and also sees an otherwise thriving world as post apocolyptic. His friends and those he encounters are all figments of his imagination from a combination of mental illness and lonliness. Favor of rust and blood also comes from his mental illness. Salad fingers lives in an apartment in the city, apartment number 22. However he is a lonley isolated man, and therefore he sees his apartment as being just one small house in the middle of nowhere. He has no contact with any other human beings whatsoever, until episode 5, where he interacts with a girl he originally thought was a product of his imagination but turned out to be real. This is signified by her being the only other character in the series other then salad fingers that can speak. Because he simply did not know how to be with real people, he broke down. There is no word yet as to if he ever fully recovered.
"rusty kettle...(scratch scratch)... ooooaaaahhhh"
by Wolf March 02, 2005

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A free, real time browser, text-based game that is always in play. Your goal is to colonize planets and harvest resources while amassing giant fleets. Ultimately, you want to destroy other fleets while continuously trying to expand your empire. There are multiple universes of this game, and it originated in Germany. It, along with more information, can be found at www.ogame.org.
I forgot to fleetsave last night, and I got crashed in Ogame.
by WoLF April 25, 2005

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Someone, generally 'scruffy' looking, who participates in S/M type behavior.
He went down to the Dockside bars to look for some roughtrade.
by Wolf September 09, 2003

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one who enjoys the smell of farts and is usually hanging around bad smelling areas.
livio, get out of the bathroom and stop being such a fart monger.
by wolf January 11, 2005

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used as a reference to saying "i wanna get fucked tonight" for low key sluts
gina: i usually get wild at parties
by wolf August 10, 2003

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