35 definitions by wolf

a woman with very hairy arms and back
your mom looks like an ape lady.
by wolf January 12, 2005
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a place where the NBA acts like bawlahs
supplier's house is usually the NBA's cassanova
by wolf September 20, 2004
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one who enjoys the smell of farts and is usually hanging around bad smelling areas.
livio, get out of the bathroom and stop being such a fart monger.
by wolf January 12, 2005
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Deleted from the map in 1945 by the Allies on the grounds that East Prussia was "too militaristic".A tragedy,but the former inhabitants are beginning to return to the area now occupied by Poland and Russia (Kalinigrad).
Konigsberg will one day get natural justice..
by wolf September 17, 2004
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the shortened way of saying see ya later, but also meant in a more negative way.
this party sucks, ee ya lata.
by wolf January 12, 2005
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the shit that sticks to your ass if you sit on the toilet to long when reading the paper. Hard to detect and very hard to clean.
hurry up in the bathroom bro, you're gonna get the flaky ass.
by wolf January 12, 2005
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when your recieving fellatio and you force your dick into the side of the persons mouth as hard as you can
i just gave your sister a rip-a-lip and she liked it.
by wolf January 12, 2005
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