Ironic, negative or surprising consequence/fact or Catch-22. Unexpected result.

Usually follows a positive statement. Used as bridging statement for dramatic effect, to a negative consequence/statement.

Probably stems from the phrase "you'll be kicking yourself for this one"
Sure, renting an apartment is cheaper and gives you a lot of flexibility to move around, but here's the kicker: with the money threw away renting places for 5-10 years you could have been well into a mortgage and have built up some personal equity, and credit.
by satan November 9, 2003
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The detail (usually unpleasant) that changes everything.
The kicker was, Mephisto was supposed to get Faust's soul -- forever!
by Octopod November 10, 2003
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N. Sub-woofers, as installed in an automobile.
...and six David Beckhams or a trunk fulla KICKERS.
by Professor Swag April 24, 2008
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Another term for a hick or a redneck. The term is usually used for high school guys. They tend to wear their Wranglers inside their boots and they are all seen dipping at school at least once. They are also loud, they drink a lot of alcohol, they're wanna be players, and they all drive loud trucks with sound systems. Also, they all have stickers of the rebel flag somewhere on their truck, and they always yell "GIT HER DUN"!!
I went to Walmart the other day and I passed a bunch of kickers that were dipping by their trucks.
by Stina Bo Bina May 3, 2005
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In poker, the highest unpaired card that acts as a tie-breaker if people have the same winning hand.
We both had a pair of aces, but I won with my jack kicker and he had a ten.
by Coell May 13, 2005
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A more proper way to refer to an extremely funny joke. Also can be known as a "Knee-slapper"
That was a kicker. It gave me quite a chuckle.
by _Shaybear_ June 7, 2011
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A high school kid, not necessarily a boy, normally wears Rocky jeans, boots, and a cowboy hat. Drives a big pick up truck regardless of gas prices. Tend to go mudding and drink, most of their reletives tend to be rednecks. also called country kids
You find alot of kickers in Katy I.S.D
by Beczerz July 22, 2006
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