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what u get the morning after eating spicy foods, especially indian or spicy mexican cuisine. It burned in your mouth, it burned in your stomach, and it burns your sphincter.
'aw man, i wish i hadn't had that vindaloo last night. I have an acute case of ring sting, and i've been sitting on this toilet for an hour'
by me old fruity September 08, 2005
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stinging sensation around the a-hole caused by spicy food eaten the night before, or on occasion a particularly violent and sharp turd that when released feels like your ass is being ripped
Sweet jesus, that harsh vindaloo last night has given me a right proper case of ringsting
by Regina Phelangey December 20, 2004
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A sharp stinging pain that targets the anus. Caused by spicy food, a shit too large for the rectum to handle comfortably or from bum sex.
Sweet Jesus, I'm at the highest level on the ol' pain spectrum I've jus come down with a case of fucking ringsting on me rectum.
by Ringsting February 26, 2008
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The after effects of ghandi's revenge or rusty water. When one's anal ring burns with intensity and is too sore to wipe clean.
John's ring sting was so bad he had to hose his rusty water off.
by dj_derek March 05, 2003
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anal pain caused by eating hot and spicy food.
me and all! it gave us right ringsting
by red wine bitch January 03, 2003
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Extreme pain/discomfort/itching of the Anal Sphincter, and is usually too sore to wipe clean. The main causes are spicy foods, very large faeces, continuous diarrhoea, or anal sex, among others. Ring sting can be made less intense/painful by applying cold water.
Andy: ''Hey, come and take a seat!''
Calvin: ''I would do, but this Ring Sting is unbearable!''
Andy: ''Dam! I told you not have an Indian takeaway, AND get it up the ass from that huge black guy!''
by Conradius June 30, 2010
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A sore anal passage.

Cause of ring sting :

1.) Eating too many hot food(s)
2.) Eating too many pickles
3.) Anal with a black man
Example 1.

You: I shouldn't have ate so many chillies Now I have serious ring sting.

Buddy: Haha

Example 2.

You: I shouldn't have ate so many pickles. Now I have serious ring sting.

Buddy: Haha

Example 3.

You: Oh, thats a big number.

Black man: Yeah baby

You: Ouch, Its too big now I have ring sting in my anal passage.

by The Bold Yin September 21, 2008
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