The most beautiful, understanding and nice person you will ever meet.

She will listen to you, understand you and love you for all you are.
"Hey I met this girl and she's a Margherita!"
"Woah man! Thats amazing! She's a keeper"
by AutumnStar9 September 07, 2016
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also known as the kind of pizza (mozzarella cheese and tomato), a beautiful italian name.
a good lover and a great friend.
margherita is a typical white girl.
by psychowo November 21, 2014
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Margherita is the best girl you'll ever meet. She is fantastic. She might seem shy or sorta depressed at first sight. But as you get to know her, you will realize that she's actually super funny and outgoing and will never let your down. She is an incredibly loyal friend/girlfriend and you are extremely lucky is you know a Margherita. She will always listen to you and be as nice as she can to you. Margherita cares a lot about other people's opinions and is highly insecure. A Margherita will often love art and be a bit hippie. She is also seeking a boyfriend so shoot your shot. She has a ROCKIN' BOD and is TO DIE FOR. If you ever meet a Margherita, NEVER let her go.
GUY: her did you see that sexy girl who is she?
FRIEND: oh yeah that's Margherita, she's RADICAL

GUY: Is she single?
FRIEND: I hope so
by bobaxteaa November 05, 2020
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The most beautiful and intelligent Italian girl you can know, she listen to you when you're happy or sad.
She is very shy, but if you speak with her you can understand how amazing she is.
wow Margherita is amazing
have you heard about Margherita
by marghe_rita July 04, 2020
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Margherita is a intelligent, pretty, and funny person who can be a friend or more than a friend. You may like her but in my case she was unreachable. She is so beautiful and intelligent that from friend it became love. An unreachable love
by Darkess010 June 21, 2020
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To fuck a girl with a yeast infection on her period and cum inside her
Dan: hey what happened with you and Olivia?
Jon: she's a slag, I gave her a margherita pizza and dipped
by GleemyPerson June 10, 2021
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