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The build up of dead skin caused by being unclean and not washing the rim of the penis. Has a look of cottage cheese but with the smell of a two week dead old badger.

You can tell if a gentleman's 'Rim Cheese' is getting out of hand by the way he will scratch the area in an unmanly manner. The resulting effect of this, will be a further build up of the 'Cheese'

The only cure for the build up of 'Rim Cheese' is to fully wash the penis in warm soapy water.
A drunk tramp who has passed out drinking too much cider is a great opportunity to get yourself acquainted with 'Rim Cheese' if you haven't seen it before. Although make sure he is asleep as many a 'Rim Cheese' collector has fallen victim to the embarrassing ranting of an ungodly fallen fellow with his pants around his ankles.

Bob Gobbles - Rim Cheese collector

'My God man Never have I seen a Rim so full of cheese'
by Mark Guest May 23, 2007
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crud found around the rim of an uncircumsised penis
before bris (jewish ceromony for circumcision) the rabbi had to clean the child of his rim cheese
by semen demon and frank the tank November 11, 2003
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1) One who is slovenly and slow on the uptake. 2) A calcified growth made of urine, fecal matter, mold, skin cells, vomitus, and hair which clings to the underside or edge of one's toilet bowl and/or toilet seat.
1) Ardeth was being such a rimcheese at the party that Weldon decided he'd conveniently "forget" to give her an invite to the next one. 2)The maid shrieked in horror when confronted with the stalagtite-like rimcheese on her new client's commode.
by four_stave_score March 07, 2004
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Rim cheese is not male smegma. Nor do male babies or children produce smegma. Rim cheese is female smegma at and around the labia minora and labia majora that have oozed out of the vagina and under the hood of the clitoris.

females produce far more smegma that intact males produce.
American women produce more rim cheese on their vulvas than uncircumcised European, Latino and Asian men generate under their foreskins.

by Brit Pariah March 05, 2009
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