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The amount of time wasted or lost driving from point A to point B during work hours.

Background information: This is a common term use among construction workers on the central coast of California. Since one may have construction projects spread out over the county.
Little was accomplish today since most of my day was spent doing 'windshield time' driving between projects.
by chevolay May 30, 2009
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One who advocates the looking at the bulge in a man's pants. This is the polar opposite or the feminine version of Chi Chi Monger- One who advocates the looking at a woman's breast.
Mike was getting a haircut the other day and Marina, the pee pee monger that she is was, peaking up his shorts.
by chevolay July 17, 2008
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Tijuana Chat Room Test- It comes from the caution one must take before he knocks on a door in Tijuana, You don’t want to walk into a room of unsavory activities or an argument. You listen outside the door first; it gives you a chance to size up the players.

Same rule applies on the internet; monitor the site for a while to see who’s who before entering.
James was smart enough to use the Tijuana Chat Room Test to monitor the Hot for words "comment" page before he engage himself in a conversation. He so wanted to avoid the flamers, haters and psychos.
by chevolay July 17, 2008
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A super or extreme orgasm.
Oh Johnny that was the best orgasm ever it was an übergasm.
by CheVolay November 03, 2009
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A gay nudist
Went down to the naked beach at Unicorn Cove and saw a

rainbow commando frolicking in the surf.
by CheVolay October 28, 2009
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Since the vagina is so often refered to as a taco it just goes to follow that the clitoris be called a 'tacoberry'.

Tacoberry the other pink meat.

Slipping the hood back reveal a sweet pink tacoberry.
by CheVolay June 24, 2010
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Sweaty feet.
Leather boots and wool socks are sure to give you socks fever on a hot day like this.
by chevolay August 25, 2009
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