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to stir up, provoke, and/or stimulate the masses
he came in and peed on the couch like it wasn't a thing. he loves to rile them when he visits.
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by buttboss July 29, 2017
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short for Riley which means a gorgeous goddess loved by everyone and the one you love, she is also very athletic and has many lovers.
by teehee1616 June 13, 2011
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I. (n) A physical manifestation of nine angles of brilliance converging into a being so radiant that your pigments will keep you beautifully tan the rest of your life.

II. (n) a word used at the end of bad words to emphasize a person's frustration towards something. Typically used to shoulder the blame from themselves to a fall guy
I. "You wanna go to the beach today?"

"Nah, let's go see Riles and bask in the glow of his brilliance"

II. I forgot to take the dog out so she peed on the kitchen floor! DAMMIT RILES!!
by HeyRiles May 09, 2009
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The nickname for a beautiful, kind, funny and sweet gir who truly gets you named Riley.
by BoboRex September 04, 2016
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a word used to described being really excited for something.
to get excited.
I am soo RILED to go out tonight!
Rile it up a notch!
by Sydney May 06, 2004
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The feeling of wanting to punch someone in the face and throw up in their face at the same time, because you are so annoyed and disgusted with them.
Yeah, he makes me rile!
by boomin July 28, 2011
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