instead of being a ride or die and you are the one who wanna live you will be called a ride or ride
you get in a deadly fight and you sit back and call the cops cuz you cherish your life so your a ride or ride
by mbarteee August 23, 2010
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someone offering their cock to be inserted either in one's ass or pussy
Hey baby, wanna ride this ride?

I'll let you ride this ride if you think you can take it?
by gregsd June 7, 2006
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When you exchange a ride somewhere in a person's car for a sexual ride on/with said person.
Suzy: "Hey Jim can I get a ride home?"
Jim: "Sure, Ride for Ride?"
Suzy: "Ok! fair enough!"
-Jim gives her a ride home and they fuck each other's brains out-
by pubesicleman September 29, 2014
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What you yell during a brawl at IHOP. We sittin' here, I'm supposed to be a franchise eater and we in here fightin' over pancakes, not a waffle, not a waffle, we fightin' over pancakes.
I ride the ride. I be in here eating pancakes, fucking pancakes, but I ride the ride.
by KeenanKanye January 27, 2011
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A gang-bang where the receiving participant enjoys 73 men, preferably sailors, and rides their way into history. Especially enjoyed in San Francisco; receiver often male.
Slutty Mushroom Girl: "Oh I can barely walk today!"

Anal Emma: "Why?"

Slutty Mushroom Girl: My bf talked me into doing a Ride Captain Ride this weekend."
by HAFSNT December 7, 2012
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The act of soliciting a prostitute for some action.
I saw this hot chick by the bus stop so I axed her if she wanted a 'ride ride'.

Hooker: May I have a ride?

John: You mean a 'ride ride'?
by Giarc Aldeberon April 7, 2006
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