Typically a British slang term for the glans, or 'head'of the penis. Due to it's general appearance and size/shape.

See also bellend, tip, cockhead, dickhead, little head, purple head etc.
Oi lads! Look at my foreskin hanging over the top of my mushroom!
by Llewelyn Dowd August 28, 2022
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Mushrooms are a type of fungi that grow in dark, damp environments all over the world. The usually come in the shape of a dick and taste like it too.

Some have flat caps, some are kinda conical, and some have little bells and funnels.
Most mushrooms represented in media have a light tan stem and a red and white spotted cap. These mushrooms are actually deadly and know as fly agaric mushrooms.
But Mario seems to get a high off of them.
Speaking of high, mushrooms are also used for recreational purposes such as getting high and hallucinating.
After usage, this results in a ‘trip’ which can either be bad or good depending on where you are and who you are with.
But this drug is illegal in most US states, but a few allow it.
Anyways, back to actual mushrooms.
Their main purpose is to take materials around them using Enzyme spit and break them down into shit like oxygen and nitrogen and stuff like that. Y’know, the stuff we need to live.
Also they look silly as hell.
Mushrooms are cool as fuck.
dave: ooh lookit that pretty little mushroom
jaiden: shut the fuck up dave.
dave: aw shucks
by CrammyCram August 12, 2023
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Describes a person who is always kept in the dark, and fed nothing but shit.
Dude 1: How could you NOT know that movie was coming out?!?
Dude 2: I'm a fucking mushroom.
by _allismine_ May 23, 2006
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In some cities, Dr. Sherman learned that drug gangs actually have a name for innocent bystanders who are caught in cross-fire. They're called mushrooms, because they can pop up anywhere.
by OKH May 9, 2021
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Used at a person who has a bowlcut, especially puffy bowlcuts
'Jackson you Mushroom boi'
by Xx_Diamond_Sword_xX June 8, 2018
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A Mushroom is when you dip your cock in paint or ink, And slap someone in the face with it when they are passed out. Thus leaving a mushroom imprint on their face.
"At this party last night, Kim was the first to pass out, So I gave her a mushroom"
by CharlesVA August 5, 2006
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Some majorly evil things. Work a lot with garden gnomes.
Watch out for them.
"Yes ! They stop the happy noodles !"
by Ashiezorz August 27, 2007
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