a: A series of words that sound alike at the end.
b: Something cool or that you really like.
a: Now it's time / to start this rhyme
b: "Dude, that new song is so rhyme!" or "Life's a rhyme."
by 42¢short September 24, 2014
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The things I'm about to bust out in my example.
Take a second to listen to these rhymes
Pay close attention because you might never again here these lines
I bust them with style and finnesse
There ain't no doubt that my rhymes are the best
I dare anyone to try and step to my flow
Are you legit or all show?
My rap shit is the best you can get
Ain't no one able to bust them out like me yet
Think you got what it takes to bust the proper rhymes
Lets see if you can keep up with me this time
I'm not Jay-Z or Cassidy
But if you want to here the proper rhymes, then ask about me
You won't find this quality of rhyme so easily this day and age
If you think you can define rhymes better then this, then add to this page
by MC911 March 12, 2006
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A person who insists on acting contrary to his culture. I.E. black person listening to rock music.
by lonempsoldier February 17, 2008
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hey you two, first of all, Hello
Kids i think you have to be a man, not lo' lo'
Think you don't need to have an argue
First guy you have to change your point of view
Hey it's interesting, i'm caucassion too.
Wrote a good rhymes, but not the definition of word.
Rhyem, is what i wrote down, not that dirt, that they typed down.
And please, don't set a freestyle battle here.
Wipe your eyes, to see clear, that this site to get an information.
These what i wanted to say.
Hey, thank you for your attention yol
And have a nice day. :)
by LVN December 24, 2008
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1. A song that flows well and/or a bop.

2. Something that shows coolness/positive thoughts
Wow, Lady Gaga's new song rhymes.

This cake rhymes so well.
by amanda.sunshine March 4, 2019
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What junior grimes is (J grimes)

The other title of J Grimes, the aussie rapper/singer who does everything that’s illegal and enjoys the trouble that comes with it,

Junior grimes IS the rap king of rhyme even if everyone hates him for it (which they DO in fact)

aside from the questionable lyrics and approach he has with his music junior is undeniably the worst thing to ever happen to the hip hop scene IN both good AND bad ways, part of his unconventional behavior and style is why others refuse to associate themselves with J grimes and often hate on him for it

Still, J Grimes is The king of rhyme, peace !

XXL: we need someone to boost our sales

executive: I was thinking ju—

XXL: junior grimes ? The rap ki—

people in boardroom: yes! The goddamn rap king of rhyme!

XXL: and so it shall be

Executive: so is it j grimes or just “junior Grimes” ?

Person 1: shut up eric


J grimes IS the king of rhyme

Junior Grimes ©
by Abstinence is sinful August 29, 2021
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