Often used as a short way to say "Dying of laughter"
"Yo, when I saw that kid fall of his bike, I was dyin' !"
by Titbit April 16, 2007
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Often used as an over exaggeration of a situation.
That boy is so funny he had me Dying (DYIN')!
Man that class was so boring I was Dying (DYIN') up in there....I thought it would never end!!!
I had to wait so long I was Dying (DYIN')!
by Miss LayDee June 20, 2006
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It's the sexual version of the Funky Chicken. Once performed for small audiences of Amish at the neighborhood barnyard theater, we have Ed from Sparta, NJ to thank for showing us what happens to our egg-laying friends after one turn too many.
"Man, did you see the feathers fall out of that one during the last push."

"Does she have a sister?"

"Nah, but she has a cock....for a brotha."
by halfman May 27, 2004
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Relating to the fact that Osama or Usama Bin ladin was shot twice in the face by U.S. Special operations forces which inevitably caused his death on May 1st 2011.
Osama Bin Dyin!! I saw his face all bloody on the images of a search engine.
by Burst Fire May 02, 2011
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A dyin breed is a person who is dedicated. A person who has a plan and will follow through with that plan, they have a certain mindset, most people don’t have a mindset like a them, this is what makes them a dyin breed. (The person could be alive or dead).
#1. 2pac is a dyin breed, his music just touched everybody’s soul

#2. Juice WRLD was one of the best rappers of our generation he’s a dyin breed.

I mean no hate towards Juice or Tupac or any other rapper.
by J🎒 July 11, 2021
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