Raw lyrical Hip-Hop group from London, UK.
Members are Possessed, Psiklone and Skirmish.

Rhyme Asylum are super sick rappers!
by LyricsLyricsLyrics December 3, 2008
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An amazing person, who is going to be as big as Logic one day because he is killing the rap game. Isn't lost in the sauce and takes time to speak to his fans, and is very interactive with his fans. He doesn't use his platform to spread negativity and doesn't posses a negative entity, he's full of positive energy. He is super funny and never rejects talking to his fans, and makes time out of his busy schedule to give time to others. Is an amazing brother, son, and grandson. He clearly adores his Grandmother as he named his first mix tape after her. Is a ride to die Logic fan, Logic inspired him to create a musical platform for himself. Is very nice to you even if you're an idiot, and gives out compliments (cause he's nice). Looks a lot like Drake Bell and Tom Cruise, he's very cute. Last but not least, loves his fans, I Love You Kyle.
KC Rhymes is killing the rap game.
KC Rhymes is fucking awesome
by Chloeexo March 12, 2018
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Rhyming a word in a song with the same word. Named after the singer Pitbull for his bad rhyming in songs.
Pitbull: Me not working hard?
Yeah, right, picture that with a Kodak,
Or better yet, go to Times Square,
Take a picture of me with a Kodak

Me:Oh god the origin of Pitbull Rhyming
by revington December 30, 2013
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Common term originating in New York that has spread all over the U.S. and canada to discribe making a cold rap verse usually used to discribe rap battles and freestyle. The word has evolved in different cities, in loose your self Eminem states "he's nervous but on the surface he looks common ready to drop bombs"dropping bombs is a synonym of the word dropping rhymes.
Ayy back at the club last night lil J was dropping rhymes on yo ass at free style!!! Damn that was a cold verse
by Sniper250 February 14, 2015
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It was a rhyme skill created by famous Canadian idol rapper Kris Wu in his diss track MV “skr”. This skill is by marking several lyrics into red color to give a feeling that it is in “multiple words” rhyme-scheme. It also means a different way to show-off.
MDSE(Million dollars sound engineer): Kris, The rap lyric is too simple!
Kris: No worries, bro, I can color-rhyme it to dope.
MDSE: Genius!

A: Your basketball skill sucks!
B: But I can color-rhyme it by wearing my new air jordon 3, skr!
by Skrrist In Hupu August 1, 2018
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A fast rapper that few can disrespect.
You got Busta Rhymes blarin' up in yo' ride?! Not bad...not bad...
by Greg W. October 20, 2003
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