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1) to tell a story which is based on facts and actual events, however some facts are changed or added.
2) to embellish
3) to lie (to an extent)
Chris: Look at Benmont over there rhyming to that chick.
Keith: Yes she is a very attractive young lady; he has been trying to impress her all night.
Jason: Yea, but do you hear that story he is telling her. He just told her that he pushed the Camaro out of the snow -- that is not what happened at all, it was I that pushed the Camaro out of the snow because my arms are bigger. He just watched and played Skee-Ball on his iPad. It's ok though, I won't bust up his game.
Chris: Haha. Who needs another beer?
Keith: I do, make mine a Boiler-Maker.
Jason: Hmm, I think I am gonna switch to Chardonnay.
<phone rings>
Jason: Excuse me for a moment, I need to take this call from my wife, she must have just woken up.
by modena January 13, 2011

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When a man and a woman are having sex and the guy pulls out and cums either on her back, her stomach, or his own stomach. Then, in an attempt to keep said cum off of the bed, the individual with the cum on them, puts their arms against their own sides to catch the cum from running off of them onto the sheets. This area between your side and your arm is the "gutter".
Chris: I am about to cum.
Jenna: Well I just washed my sheets so be careful where you cum.
Chris: Then put up your gutters.
by modena April 18, 2008

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