Jason: how are you
Me: I mean, me too, thanks

Jason: you are retarded
by itsbrittneybitch July 18, 2018
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A word used to describe someone who is profoundly stupid. A type of stupidity that is an insult to intelligence itself. Politically correct people would like you to be rude to someone in a less offensive way, perhaps by calling them dumb instead. This ignores the fact that dumb, idiot, and many other similar insults used today were all old-timey technical terms for retards. It also ignores the fact that any word used to describe someone of below average ability in any area is an insult to someone with average ability or higher in that area.
<<This party is retarded.

>>Dude! You can't say that anymore. You have to say the party is lame, or it's dumb, or something else!

>> Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit. You just insulted people who cannot walk and people who cannot talk.
by Solve'et Coagula September 28, 2015
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son: "umm dad what does retarded mean?"

dad: "oh god your fucking retarded
by fgfuyfgufcferygvif March 27, 2020
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It means "very stupid" but in a more hilarious, weird, and/or spontaneous way. From the Latin word for "slow".

If you want to tick off a politically correct person, just say it. They think it's mean because people with mental problems are not always stupid, except you can't call those people "retarded" in the first place, and nobody cares anyway. Plus, once again, it's from the Latin word for "slow".
*Guy 1 is dancing very strangely.*
Guy 2 to Guy 3: Look at Guy 1 dancing like he's retarded.
by Morshu34576345624555555 October 21, 2013
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(a.k.a. R-word)
1. Used to describe someone less mentally and/or physically developed than others of their age. This term is now considered derogatory. (Also can be used as a noun.)
2. A generic insult or emphasis to describe how stupid/appalling/etc. something or someone is.

3. To have been slowed down/delayed.
1. This student is mentally retarded, so he is in a different class.
2. This movie was so retarded! The acting, story, and special effects sucked!
3. The famine retarded the growth of population.
by AFN7 December 25, 2015
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To be tarded twice..
John who is tarded.. is now retarded
by Rob March 15, 2004
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