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if you watch the show naruto you know what a rasengan is its a big swirly thing of chakra and a giant rasengan is well a giant rasengan
"naruto bitch slapped orochimaru with his giant rasengan"
by fgfuyfgufcferygvif March 28, 2020
look to your left --------- > i said left dumb ass
get pranked retard
by fgfuyfgufcferygvif April 13, 2020
son: "umm dad what does retarded mean?"

dad: "oh god your fucking retarded
by fgfuyfgufcferygvif March 27, 2020
"oh hey jim do you mind passing over the glass"
"when im done"
by fgfuyfgufcferygvif March 26, 2020
fortnite but instead of shooting people to death you slowly stab them with a small fork until they bleed to death
jim: forknite is so fun bro."
sam: "dont you mean fortnite?"
jim: "nah man forknite you get to stab kids with forks!"
sam: " thats my fucking dream!"
by fgfuyfgufcferygvif March 27, 2020