The most hateful and hurtful word in the English language.
Originally meaning having an intelectual disability, also known as mental retardation. For some reason people started using it to mean stupid or dumb. Mentally retarded people are anything but dumb. People with disabilities are for sure the most discriminated group of people. How many of you are against racism or sexism? But do you even think twice before you call someone "retarded"?
"Thats soooo retarded".
Honestly? You have no idea.
by itsnotretarded. June 29, 2009
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An "unofficial" (not recognized by dictionaries) slang descriptor for a person/thing/action/object, etc., or a combination of, which is one or more of the following:

a great use of time, able, accounted, acting of own age, active, active mind, acute, adequate, admirable, adored, adult, ahead of schedule, alive, altruistically, always fresh, always in motion, amazing, amazing, amazing mind, animated, applaudable, applicable, appreciable, assertive, availing, aware, awesome, bargain, beautiful, beautiful, believable, benefactor, big, big time, blended, bold, brainy, brainy, brand new, brave, breathable, bright, brilliant, brilliant, calm, careful, certain, character, cherished, civilized, clean, clear, clearheaded, clear-minded, coinage, colorful, comforting, commendable, committing, communicative, competent, complex, conceivable, concerned, confident, congruous, consequential, considerable, contemporary, continued, convincing, cool, cooperative, correct, courteous, credible, crystal, cultured, cute, dear, decisive, deeply meaningful, defiant, deliberate, developed, different, different in the best of ways, directed, discrete, distinguished, dove, driver, educated, effective, effectual, effectual, empathy, endless, energetic, enjoying life, enlarging, enormous, enticing, equal, essential, essential, esteemed, excited, exciting, experienced, expression, expressive, , extraordinary, fabulous, factual, famous, fashionable, fashioned, fast, favorite, feathery, fecund, fertile
Russel is retarded.
by Gossamer Willowfly July 09, 2011
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extremely, very, to the utmost degree. Usually used to modify another adjective, as in retarded hot, retarded cool, retarded smart, retarded hip, retarded hard, etc.
Dude, that girl is retarded hot.
Man, your Mercury Cougar is a retarded sweet ride.
by banana colada March 23, 2010
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