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When you have hit the maximum you can eat without "crossing over" to a "food coma." The magical moment of not too much; just right.
I have to say, that Grand Slam Breakfast has given me "full stomach bliss."
by glamrocker September 29, 2009
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When you take a dish and add, butter, sour cream, sugar, cheese, or cream of chicken soup.
I knew the cassarole would be good after my wife "Paula Deened" it up.
by Glamrocker September 28, 2009
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A phrase used when one encounters a product or organization who tries, in the most rediculious way, to associate themselves with an environmentally "green" or "friendly" sort of way. Generally, this term is conjured when terribly un-green or un-environmentally friendly things or groups are trying to ride this popular trend for marketing purposes alone.
The fact that "Agent Orange" is being touted as a "green" farming defoliant is absolutely ecodiculious!!


I saw a doorstop being sold as "environmentally friendly." That's ecodiculious!
by glamrocker December 23, 2009
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A fat person. Not someone who has the genetic predisposition for obesity, but someone who, through poor diet and lack of exercise, has become a soft, floppy, pile of blubber.

Side bar: these people are generally the ones who, through moderate exercise, alcohol intake and diet correction can loose the tub...of goo.
Gawd, that is one tubagoo.

So this guy shows up on the date and (she) could not believe how much of a tubagoo he had become!
by glamrocker August 30, 2010
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The fear of riding in or being hit by a Toyota with a stuck accelerator pedal.
There is no way in hell that I'm getting in that Camary. I am suffering from toyotaphobia.
I have Toyotaphobia. I can't get into traffic knowing all those Toyotas are on the road.
by glamrocker March 15, 2010
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A pair of brand new, white athletic shoes. The name arises from the perfecty clean shoes that senior citizens wear as they walk the local mall during off hours for exercise.
Whoa, nice mall cruisers! Are you off to meet your cronies for some exercise?

You gotta a pair of pastel warmups to match those mall cruisers?
by glamrocker December 19, 2010
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A term to describe any name of a grown woman who still draws a heart over the i at the end of her name. Usually, all women who do this are crazy and should be avoided at all costs. Terr(i heart), Sherr(i heart), Tam(i heart), Kell(i heart), Bobb(i heart) etc. This term has been researched and affirmed by many who have encountered this type of person and learned too late of this affliction.
He should have run when he got that first note from Sherri and she had drawn a heart to dot her "i". He'd still have his home.

Oh, I see you put a heart over the "i" in your name. Hmm, see ya!

You dated a Bobb(i heart) also? And she was crazy too?!
by glamrocker January 26, 2011
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