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<res -ih g -n aye tor> 1. Any person who like U.S. President George W. Bush, the RESIGNATOR, allows for the entire support apparatus to collapse beneath themselves, all the while facing forward, unblinking and determined never to admit even the slightest of mistakes. The confidence terminator, the general public dis-regarder, earning the name every day through a new resignation announcement from unlimited numbers of close advisers including but not limited to: the Brownies, the generals, the attorneys, the Colin Powell's, the Donald Rumsfeld's, the staffers, the appointees etc. 2. The man who allowed his own brain to resign from duty before the job was done (Karl Rove aka Bush's Brain), the giver upper, the man who won't change his mind about anything at all ever, but allows it to check out early while his body stays at work.
I watched as the resignator reloaded his pen and put it to yet another pink slip, he marked it with the infamous capital 'R' as his stamp, and placed it on the top of the tall pink paper stack, then paused to consider filling out his own...
by Sergio Momarsh August 14, 2007
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