One who owes you, most likely monetarily.
xxx is a debtor to our country.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 19, 2004
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A sexual position in which the man holds the woman upside down by her ankles, inserts his penis into her vagina, and then shakes her up and down, as if emptying the money from her pockets.
"Hey, did you go out with Anne last night?" "Yeah, you'll never guess what happened." "Persuading the debtor?" "Oh, yeah!"
by Judd F. November 06, 2006
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An allegedly privileged and possibly racist club mentioned by the character Daniel on the scripted show "Southern Charm Savannah".. One of which no Bravo fan can find any trace of on Google
When Daniel on Southern Charm Savannah mentioned "Debtor's Club" I looked it up on Urban Dictionary and they didn't even have a clue what it meant!
by Jbanana June 11, 2017
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When you are really in debt to someone and you think its a lie when someone accuses you of being in debt
"I'm not a debtor"
"That is a malicious lie"
by Bloushe May 21, 2021
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