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A girl with the sweetest personality ever. She is very funny. If you see her smiling you cant help but smile too. She is the most attractive girl in the world. She is a great singer and good at swimming. Her brown hair is absolutely beautiful, which complements her great eyes. She has the cutest face in existence. Her attractiveness, talent, and great personality makes her impossible not to like. She is the best person ever and is basically perfect.
Person 1: That girl over there is so talented and pretty. She's perfect.
Person 2: I know, she has a great personality too. She is definitely Kyrie.
by P4TR1CK ST4R January 03, 2015
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A guy who athletic which also leads to his popularity within his community. Kyrie is a loving and most charming when it comes to the females in life , if you know what im saying . ‘wink wink’ . Kyrie tends to be short or 6’3” at the tallest but no shorter than 5’5” . Anyone with the name ”Kyrie” is born with the gift of charisma.
Did you see Kyrie earlier ? He looks really cute and dresses nice.
by Patricia Sulagan August 16, 2018
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Kyrie is as fierce as a tiger, has the beauty of a forest, the softness of snow, and the hotness of a flame. She's an amazing dancer and likes things to go her way. She's innocent, and gets more popular by the minute. Even though she might not need them, Kyrie looks cuter with glasses. She is a collector of things, and is a blanket hogger. She'd rather spend the day on the move than laying in bed watching Netflix, but isn't a stranger to it. Kyrie is an outgoing introvert and her most relevant trait is being cunning. She probably has a hidden talent and is the best person to recieve a tight bear hug from.
"Haha, having a Kyrie as my friend is one of the best things ever."
by cheerBOWSandFRAPPECINOS December 08, 2016
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Kyrie the term used by one to replace the word clutch. Since Kyrie Irving has proven himself numerous times to be clutch. Just like when he hit the game winner in the finals and then hit the game winner on Christmas day
When John hit the three he yelled out "Kyrie" becaue he made it and everyone knew he was clutch
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by Hc one December 25, 2016
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"Lord, have mercy on us."

Used mainly by Catholics such as myself.
Kyrie Eleison.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 30, 2004
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A girl comprised of hair dye bottles, cigarette boxes, Hello Kitty, and awkward quirky movements.
Person 1: She seems weird though.
Person 2: Yeah, but in a cool way. She's a total kyrie.
by purpleglassslipper November 09, 2010
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Only the most amazing person in the world. Has some Japanese in her and can draw,dance,go adventure exploring, hunting for Unicorns. Don't forget gorgeous, talented, awesome and is an awesome photographerr. She loves the hipsomatic app.. :D Best of all SHE'S PERFECT!
person 1:OMG, That girl is soo good at everything, I love her iPhone app that takes amazing pictures. Sigh,..she's so perfect!

person 2:There's Kyrie for you! (:
by DeeDoubleRainbow925 June 25, 2011
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