Something stupid that stupid people say. It comes from 'No, brother', but obviously is much more clever to use 'No' instead of all these stupid combination of stupid slangs.
1: Do you have a crush on anyone?
2: Nah bruh.
1: You asshole! You told me you loved me yesterday! How can't you have a crush on me? Stupid. I'm never dating someone who says 'Nah bruh' again!

Classic example of how your girlfriend can get mad if you talk to her stupidly and say 'Nah bruh'
by AdamLovesDalton July 10, 2010
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Slang fuck boy talk basically meaning no bro no or no brother no
Hey can I hit the blunt.
Nah bruh nah you can't .
by Isthisreallife@wisconsin January 3, 2017
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Friend - Is that a moaning video ?
Other friend - Nah Bruh

It really be like that
by Nahh bruh July 7, 2018
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When someone does something is about to do something but you dissaprove strongly
Alien: hi.

Human: what's up
Alien: you are coming with us
Human: hell nah bruh
by Llite November 8, 2022
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