A bunch of obligations that two people have for each other that make both of them feel worse about themselves.
To quote the majority of the song "Piss Off" by the Arrogant Sons of Bitches (A break-up song):


I remember way back when,
When I wanted you to be mine.
And now that I've kind of had you,
I wonder was it all just a waste of time?
And did it make sense jumping into something
Knowing that I'd get hurt?
I don't know, but my boss thinks not,
It makes me less productive at work!

And all my friends told me "look out!"
'Cause you were treating me like shit!
I swallowed my pride and bit my tongue,
And I thought nothing of it!
I blame relationship's termination
For why things are never fine.
I've dreaded this moment from the day we met:
We have to say goodbye!

Now all I do is pine and smoke
With all my friend.
I regret not moving on
Even though I said I did,
Fuck, shit, dammit.
How many times do I have to call you
Just because you call me first?
You see, we're nothing together
But a bunch of obligations
That just make me feel worse!

So why was I the last to know
When you ride some other guy?
And why should I have even cared
That night you said you cried?
My stomach threw up my daily nutrition
And your anti-morals robbed me blind.
I loved you, and you blew it,
And you broke your own heart.
So eat this last goodbye!

Piss off: this is the last goodbye."

by Daniel Plainview123 August 29, 2009
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Means you do it together an never let go no matter how hard things get you try to fix it don't hurt the other person because of stupid shit arguments are arguments they happen
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by Madhatter05 September 25, 2018
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When two people (usually two members of the opposite sex) get together and are usually in love and share everything they have. Including power and ability to make decisions.
We've been in this relationship for a while and its going great.
by Kito December 01, 2004
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1) The relationship between friends

2) The relationship between girl/boy or man/woman...its reflect how they feel about each other, each part they bring to the table and how they work through everything.

Relationships are the connection between 2 or more people.

Not just a physical connection but a personal one.
Me and my boyfriend can talk about anything with each other because we have a great relationship.
by **cikilla2010** December 24, 2011
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On the fifth 'date' (see High Fidelity, Hornby et al 1995) a 'relationship' state (q.v.) is mandated to come into effect by 'law' (see Feminism). Exceptions may occur: where a 'third base' (see American Pie, Biggs et al 1999) state arises prior; where 'sex' (see Genesis) arises prior; where otherwise precluded by marriage of either party to third party (see adultery).
"My approach to relationships has always been something of a 'touch and go' affair: I touch; they go."
by Profesh December 12, 2007
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