When two people decide to fall in love, usually resulting in lots of stuff for the woman, loss of bank account for the man. It could also end up in marriage.
Woman: We should start a relationship.
Guy: I'm broke. Wait till I get paid.
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Having the right to touch someone else’s butt
Person 1: *touches butt*
Person 2: “Thaaaaats ma butt”
Person 1: “Uhhh yeah. We’re in a relationship now??”
Person 2: -__- really
by D0ubletake February 22, 2018
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(n.) The greatest thing anyone could ever experience

(n.) The most painful thing anyone could ever experience
My relationship is amazing.

My relationship is failing.
by Miggyc123 September 07, 2015
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There are different kinds of relationships.

A) A bond between two people that is often hard to break.
B) When two people come together for sexual purposes.
C) When two people fall in Love and start off together.
D) The revenge of one person to another.

1) Alicia and I have a tight relationship.
2) Jaz and AJ are say they are in a relationship but every one knows it’s just for the sex.
3) I am just crazy about this new relationship! I know it’s going to go places!(marriage)
4) Lori is in a relationship with Tom just to make Greg jealous.
by DoCheryl February 05, 2008
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1 the fact or state of being related. 2 a) a connection or association (enjoyed a good working relationship). B an emotional ( esp. Sexual) association between two people . 3 a condition or character due to being related. 4 kinship.
Where two Individuals share compassionate communication, "effective towards each other(s) feelings, whom communicate on a daily basis. Faithful loyalty an trusting another because they have build a relationship that each individual have mutual relations; corresponding in some way. 1) Having relationships which family, blood related, marriage to share a connection with others knowing you may count on them to be there. B) we can have many forms of relationships mainly the most compassionate one is mostly with whom we love our partner, husband/wife. Relationships are a big part of our word we have to build trust a loyalty with other individual (s) to have a civial life in our work environment (s) home(s) schools(s,) ect;
by Blissful_86 September 15, 2015
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When two people are in a mutual agreement that they will only be intimate, flirty and loving with each other. Also known as boyfriend and girlfriend. No other persons shall be involved in this relationship. It is between two people only.
by Liliantroder25 July 07, 2016
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That doesn't work out
Why don't couples go to the gym relationships never work out
by Janososn December 30, 2016
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