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The act of getting "rekt" by the Holy Roman Empire (1st Reich), the German Empire (2nd Reich) or Nazi Germany (3rd Reich).
France's defenses got "reiched" in WWI when Germany got passed the French defenses by invading through Belgium.
by K00ger January 17, 2017
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When a respectable individual walks down a street and starts witnessing a gay pride parade. He then raises his arm, clicks his heels and Sieg Heils extremely loudly, catching the attention of his peers. They then follow this man and this individual becomes their national socialist leader. The homosexuals run and a national socialist revolution is ignited. They start a greater (country name here) reich and Hugo Boss starts making decent clothing once again.
Yo man have you seen Germany? Shit's bouta get Reiched.
by 2012 Spanish Meme April 21, 2018
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