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When you overeat and burp, you get a chunk of puke in your throat, and you swallow it again
Girl 1: You look green, what's wrong?

Girl 2: I just regurged some of that pizza from dinner.
by poofu's girl July 04, 2005
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the word regurge was made up by a group of young men on a mission to get pissed late at night, one night they ran out of beer and couldn't get anymore til the next day, it was then that "Regurge" was spat out of the young mans mouths
since then, regurge can mean anything that's bad, like not gettin any beer whaen ya want it!!
by DJUnique July 05, 2004
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Re-gurge (or Regurge) defines a drug product that has been broken down, laden with cut, and then re-pressed in the effort to sell it as solid and pure. Refers mostly to Cocaine, which when pure is normally large solid and flakey chunks of various sizes and shapes. By -re-pressing the weakened product it is possible to deceive some clients into thinking the dope is still uncut and in original condition, as the chunks have a general appearance similar to pure coke, untouched by the dreaded cut monster. The seasoned dope fiend knows very quickly whether the dope is original press, or re-gurge, by a close examination to reveal the texture of the pressed product, and other trade secrets I will not share here. Caveat Emptor.
Damn! Charlie said to come over quick, as he just scored a kilo of pure, but when I got there it was obviously re-gurge.
by Gojai August 30, 2017
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