When you overeat and burp, you get a chunk of puke in your throat, and you swallow it again
Girl 1: You look green, what's wrong?

Girl 2: I just regurged some of that pizza from dinner.
by poofu's girl July 4, 2005
the word regurge was made up by a group of young men on a mission to get pissed late at night, one night they ran out of beer and couldn't get anymore til the next day, it was then that "Regurge" was spat out of the young mans mouths
since then, regurge can mean anything that's bad, like not gettin any beer whaen ya want it!!
by DJUnique July 5, 2004
An unexpected and unwelcome reappearance of somebody or something in different form or shape.
The stock junkie came back to pump the stock under a different alias. The pumper's regurgance was greeted by almost universal disgust.
by David R. Gahary August 19, 2007
A broader term of derision for a 'dittohead', one who listens to watches ludicrously biased political commentary (or vomit), swallows it without question and then splats it in a bilious spray online, at town hall meetings and in social situations.
Glenn Beck: So what do we have from our new science czar? Something that is so far out of the mainstream, it's hair raising. Forced adoptions. Sterilant(s) in the drinking water or crops. Contraceptive capsules that are required to be implanted.

REGURGER: I seed on thuh NOOZ that Muslim Hoo-sayn Obammy's gunna put killers up in the water to shrivel up mah ballsacks! Ah'm gon' buy a GUN!
by rxnxr August 13, 2009
Stinky vomit, bad-smelling and repulsive puke, what you might be lying in, with an empty bottle of Yukon Jack or Southern Comfort still in your hand, after a one-man New Year's Eve party.
So I get back from my date with Belzebub with what's left of my dignity and what do I find? Carol, my roomie passed out under the toilet bowl in a pool of her own regurge-o-stank. Lord, give me strength.
by UCSteve January 20, 2017

to repeat (regurgitate), often in a slightly different manner, what one has already said before. Often occurs in situations when someone cannot think of something innovative and original to say/write.
Dude 1: How did you do on that essay?
Dude 2: I took the easy way - total verbal regurg of what the prof said in class.
by anthubc2010 - mydef October 26, 2010